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Rideout Health Launches "Progression in Practice" Program for Nurses

Rideout Press Releases

New Residency Program Begins with 26 Newly-Graduated RNs

On Sept. 10, Rideout Health (RH) welcomed to its new nurse residency program the first group of recently degreed Registered Nurses. The year-long curriculum combines classroom work with hands-on patient care with each new hire under the guidance of a nurse preceptor and a nurse mentor, both of whom are experienced RNs.

The first group of 26 new grads, dubbed "the Class of 2013," have completed the general orientation given all new hires at Rideout Health, participated in tours of all the facilities and met with their individually assigned preceptors and mentors for the first of their one-on-one consultations with their year-long guides. The RNs have been assigned to units at both of Rideout Health's acute-care hospitals, Rideout Memorial in Marysville and Fremont Medical Center in Yuba City.

The 26 members of the "Class of 13" were hand-picked by a team of senior leaders from an original field of 268 candidates at a job fair held in late June, which was narrowed to 127 and then after a month of reviews and interviews to the 26 who were offered and accepted positions with Rideout Health. (The next job fair for nurses will be held on Friday, January 11, 2013 to review RNs who will be getting their degrees at the end of the current semester.) Rideout is dedicated to serving the greater Yuba-Sutter community and to recruiting from it, and the current group includes some "home-grown" talent. Of the 26, four received their nursing degrees from Yuba College, nine were already residents of Yuba or Sutter counties, and six are graduates of local high schools.

The residency is part of a larger "Progression in Practice" program just launched by Rideout Health to move both recent grads and already-established professionals up the ladder of the nursing profession. Another component of the program will prepare internal nurses for transition to specialty areas such as Intensive Care, Surgery and Maternity.

The program was created using nationally established "best practice" standards by a team of Rideout clinical nursing educators under the direction of Rideout Health's Chief Nursing Officer, Teri Grassau, who also provided the vision for the program. "There is a critical shortage across the nation of nurses qualified to handle the increasingly complex demands of delivering acute care, and the attrition rate for new nurses is especially high," said Grassau, who herself is an RN, BSN and MBA. "So we decided to develop a program for our own organization to train and retain our nurses, new and established, through education, mentoring, and dialogue about the work and the workplace. This Progression in Practice program will help ensure that all the motivation, education, dedication, and hard work that went into each individual becoming a nurse will continue with the necessary support to bring satisfaction to their work experience and ensure the high quality of care provided to our patients," she said.