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Hospital Offers "CHIP" Health Classes in October


Sometimes it takes a health scare to get your attention and convince you it’s time to begin making better lifestyle choices.

That’s what happened to Curt Lorenz two years ago. Faced with the serious diagnosis of renal failure, he and his wife, Karen, decided to take a whole new approach to their health and signed up for Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) classes presented by Tillamook County General Hospital. The couple knew that adopting a new lifestyle was not going to be a quick fix. “If you’ve been on the same diet for 30 years, you’re not going to change overnight,” stated Curt. “CHIP classes offer a common sense approach to life that makes changes to a healthy lifestyle much more achievable.”

Four weeks into the classes, Curt’s total cholesterol dropped 25% and he lost 7 pounds. Karen, who previously had joint pain when walking up hills, is now walking pain-free. With their new way of life, the couple found they had more energy throughout the day, not only from their new diet, but due to weight loss as well.

“More than 300 Tillamook County residents who have graduated from the CHIP program have found their health and sense of well-being improved,” shared TCGH community health education coordinator Ginny Gabel. “While the specific results of each individual are different, overall everyone who goes through this program notices some positive difference in their health.”

The next series of CHIP classes will be held October 1 through 31. Free one-hour information and registration sessions are being held September 18, 19 or 20 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Hospital. Just pick one day to attend, as all three sessions are identical.

For more information about CHIP and other life-changing community health education classes, visit us online at or call (503) 815-2270.