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Valley Physicians Honored with Physician of the Year Mission Awards


CENTRAL VALLEYDr. Paul Griffin of Adventist Health / Community Care - Coalinga; Dr. Jay Kerr of Adventist Health / Physicians Network in Hanford and Dr. Alexander Moir of Adventist Health / Community Care - Selma received Physician of the Year Mission Awards at Adventist Health’s corporate Physician Leadership Symposium on Oct. 16.

Dr. Griffin, Dr. Kerr and Dr. Moir, and other physicians in the four-state Adventist Health system, were honored at the event because of their compassionate drive and exemplary care.

“These physicians are devoted to sacred work inside and outside of our hospital and clinic walls,” said Wayne Ferch, president and CEO of Adventist Health / Central Valley Network. “Their community involvement and drive to treat patients physically, mentally and spiritually make them great physicians.”

Dr. Paul Griffin

Dr. Griffin has practiced in Coalinga for 19 years. Since he was five years old, Dr. Griffin knew he always wanted to be a “country doctor,” he said. “It’s a very rewarding career.”

From delivering babies and bringing new life into the world to comforting patients in their final days, Dr. Griffin is committed to a lifetime of caring for people.

“Everything is inter-connected,” he said. “If you can’t also focus on the spiritual or psychological aspect of a person, you’re missing a big part of the picture. Patients connect better when their physician relates to them as a person.”

He is also connected to the community he serves. For four years he worked many hours as a school board trustee and currently serves as the team physician for West Hills College football athletes.

Dr. Jay Kerr

“Dr. Kerr elicits patient’s confidence by giving them hope and answers,” said an office staff member in the award application.

Dr. Kerr takes time with each patient, never rushes an exam and always has “an open ear,” a staff member explains. He is also consistent in patient care follow-through and doesn’t give up until he has helped them to his fullest ability.

“I think of my patients as members of my extended family,” Dr. Kerr said.

Dr. Kerr is a deeply committed Christian. Outside his busy practice, he is a church youth leader and is heavily involved in Boy Scouts. He has also volunteered for schools and given presentations called “Tar Wars” to discourage tobacco use. To inspire and motivate young adults, Dr. Kerr is currently working to launch a program to expose high school students to the health care field.

Dr. Alexander Moir

Dr. Moir has practiced in the Valley for over 20 years and loves working in rural communities such as Selma and Sanger.

When patients visit Dr. Moir, they feel comfortable opening up to him and discussing their personal and emotional concerns. He never rushes exams and takes time to get to know them.

“Whole-person care is important to better establish a relationship with patients,” Dr. Moir said. “Patients develop a level of trust, which helps me to work with them to treat the real issue instead of just the symptoms.”

In addition to serving as a faculty member for University of California, San Francisco-Fresno, Dr. Moir frequently speaks at elementary schools, high schools and colleges about health care in underserved areas. He’s also a member of the San Joaquin River Parkway Conservation Trust, a non-profit organization focused on developing parksand protecting wetlands along the riverfront.

In photo, from left to right: Derrick Gruen, Vice President; Dr. Paul Griffin; Wayne Ferch, president and CEO; Dr. Jay Kerr; and Dr. Alexander Moir.