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Art of Quality


John Ruskin, a leading English art critic from the early nineteenth century is quoted with saying, “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” This is an ideal that Heather Van Housen, patient care executive at Ukiah Valley Medical Center resonates with.

“Quality is something that we pay close attention to at UVMC. I want every patient that comes through our doors to get the best care possible. And we feel that each of our employees, not just nursing staff and other caregivers, but everyone has the opportunity at some point or another to have a positive impact on a patient’s experience,” shared Van Housen.

UVMC has recently seen a significant increase in their quality scores something which is not surprising to Van Housen, “UVMC is compared to 180,000 indicators for all hospitals nationwide, and we’ve seen significant improvements in some key patient areas:

•Communication with nurses during hospital stay we’ve scored in the 98 percentile.
•Pain management during the hospital stay patients felt that we helped them with their pain and ranked us in the 96 percentile.
•Communicating with patients about their medications we have been ranked in the 97 percentile.
•Patients also felt that upon leaving the hospital they were well informed about symptoms and problems to look out for and ranked us in the 90 percentile.

This is great news for the communities served by UVMC and should give residents confidence that they will be receiving the care they would expect from larger medical centers.

UVMC’s quality scores were revealed recently through the unveiling of a new artistic quality wall during the celebration for Quality and Infection Prevention week.

(Pictured: Local physicians, (left) Dale L. Morrison, M.D., cardiologist and (right) Donald L. Coursey, M.D., otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new quality wall in honor of their years of serving on quality committees that help improve patients experiences at UVMC)