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Tinkerers, Thinkers, and Methodical Tweakers

Human Interest

5/15/2012 - Tinkerers, Thinkers, and Methodical Tweakers 

Occasionally stuff happens – things break down, get old, and are discarded like yesterday’s bad news. Fortunately for Ukiah Valley Medical Center there are dedicated individuals who laugh in the face of a biomedical disaster and technical difficulties. This week, May 20-26, is designated to actually honor the individuals who dedicate their lives to making things work.

John Reinhart, biomedical supervisor, helps lead a team of dedicated individuals who help maintain, refurbish and fix equipment at UVMC to help save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. “Our guys are the ones that used to take apart their parents radios and put them back together as good as new, or built elaborate Lego creations without an instruction manual,” said John.

Case in point, today the biomed crew is repairing a scope cleaner. According to John, “This particular model seems to need more cleanings then usual and is very toxic. This scope actually goes inside the body so what we do is critical to keeping people well and helping the device maintain its proper function.” Besides repairing equipment, they also support medical staff in the use of the technology and provide proper training.

John commented, “We recently held a class for key staff members to train for an emergency on the use of PAPRS (Powered Air Purifying Respirator). It was great to see the staff members get involved and learn how to use this life- saving technology.”

In addition to servicing and maintaining the medical technology for UVMC, the biomed team also provides this service for Mendocino Coast District Hospital, Healdsburg Hospital, Howard Memorial Hospital, St. Helena Clearlake, and St. Helena Napa Valley, and over six clinics between Santa Rosa to the South and Covelo to the North.

(Pictured: From left to right Ron Leonard, Mike Pollard, Jack Smiley, John Reinhart, Ben Farrell, Larry Kubo, and John Johnston, all masters at their craft of keeping biomedical equipment working properly.)

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