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Revolutionary Vein-Viewing Technology Comes to the Fremont-Rideout Health Group

Rideout Press Releases

The Rideout Health Group is the first health care organization locally to use the latest technology in vascular imaging -- VeinViewer(R) Vision. The VeinViewer is a revolutionary technology that projects the location of a patient's subcutaneous vasculature directly on the surface of the skin, providing a road map to a patients' veins in real time.

"VeinViewer is truly having an impact on patient care," said Chance White, VP, Chief Clinical Officer, FRHG. "With VeinViewer, we have the potential to not only reduce the number of sticks, but also the levels of stress and discomfort associated with multiple sticks for our medical professionals, the patient and the patient's family. This device doesn't just help us find a vein; it helps us find the option that is best for the patient, which can affect their well being. We like VeinViewer so much, that we have them available virtually everywhere we have a patient, including the Cancer Center, Feather River Surgery Center and Fremont and Rideout Hospitals."

VeinViewer provides medical professionals with a non-invasive adjunct technology for clinical treatments and procedures including, but not limited to, IV insertion, routine venipuncture (blood sampling) and PICC line insertion. Although performed frequently, venipuncture is commonly thought of as one of the most painful and anxiety-provoking invasive procedures performed by nurses. Experts estimate that more than 1 billion veinpunctures are performed annually.

"VeinViewer makes our patients' vasculature visible to the naked eye," said Theresa Grassau, Chief Nursing Officer, FRHG. "This technology has helped us increase the efficiency of our system and success rate of our needlesticks. Anything we do to improve our efficiency and patient outcomes impacts our bottom line and allows us to reallocate our resources."

Developed by Christie, VeinViewer is the first and only patented technology to locate subcutaneous vasculature and project real-time images directly onto the surface of the skin. Health care professionals can keep their hands free during procedures while the system accurately maps the patient's vasculature regardless of age, body type or skin tone.

"This technology is changing the standard of compassionate care. We truly believe it will become a new standard of care throughout the world," said Chris Schnee, general manager for Christie. "And, we're thrilled that the Rideout Health Group is joining the ranks of multiple premier health care facilities nationwide that have adopted the VeinViewer technology."

In 2004, VeinViewer was recognized by Time Magazine as "one of the most amazing medical inventions of the year