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National Medical Transcriptionist Week

Rideout Press Releases

May 20-26, 2012 – Working Together for Patient Safety

Our medical transcriptionists add value to Rideout Health Group through accurate, secure capture of healthcare encounters every day.

Using transcribed medical reports, each physician can easily and quickly review a patient’s medical history even if the physician has never seen that patient before. Because of the work done by trained medical transcriptionists, patients can be assured that the history of their medical care is portrayed accurately and legibly.

What a Medical Transcriptionist Does:

A medical transcriptionist is a skilled typist, excellent at interpreting what they read or hear, and a good grammarian.

They must possess knowledge of advanced medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and understand disease processes. They must be able to take what they hear and edit it, transform it, or make it logical without changing relevant details or medical information.

The 23 transcriptionists who process FRHG patient record have a combined 457 years of experience! They are transcribing admit and consult reports, x-rays, operative summaries, discharge summaries, progress notes, cancer center reports, urgent care/comp care reports, EEGs, cardiology reports, and pathology dictation just to name a few.

Transcriptionists are just a phone call away for doctors and hospital staff to receive requests for stat dictation to help maintain excellent turn-around times.

We would like to thank our medical transcriptionists that serve the Rideout Health Group for their loyalty and dedication to our organization. They may be behind the scenes, but are continually providing excellent care, close to home.

Who are FRHG Transcriptionists?

Many FRHG Transcriptions were born, raised, and educated in local schools and colleges. But, some originally hailed from states around the US and even other countries. Besides doing terrific work for FRHG, raising their children and enjoying grandchildren, they still find time to be involved in the following local and national activities:

  • AHA CPR instructor with Rideout Hospital
  • Christian Assistance Network, CAN
  • Church board and Children's Church
  • Dalmatian Club of America
  • Dalmatian Club of Northern California and Dalmatians of North America
  • Employee Advisory Council, FRHG
  • Foster parent and mentor to community foster parents
  • German Shepherd rescue group
  • Little League team mom and manager
  • Order of the Eastern Star
  • Palo Alto Foothills Tracking Association
  • Pet therapy
  • POWERTalk International; Training in Communication
  • Sutter Buttes Garden Club
  • Two Cities Kennel Club
  • Yuba-Sutter Amateur Radio Club
  • Local Cancer and Heart walks
  • 2012 AKC All-Breed Dog Shows, Obedience and Rally Trial

To learn more, please call 530 740-1950.