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Emergency Phone Outages at UVMC


On Tuesday May 29, Ukiah Valley Medical Center and support facilities began to experience phone outages. A new phone system was scheduled to be installed in June and July respectively and then rolled out by department.

However, due to the entire phone system going down, except for those departments that had already been rolled over to the new system it posed a real problem for the medical center and support facilities.

According to interim information technology director at UVMC, Lentz Ferrel, “We had to act fast and after analyzing the situation I made an executive decision to just go ahead and get the new phone system up and running.” Lentz determined that it would take three days to get the old system back online or three days to install the new system and quickly made the decision to move forward with the new system. Either decision would put UVMC into a code red emergency status. “28 hours into the new installation we had deployed 65 percent of the new phones, including patient rooms,” stated Lentz which put the deployment ahead of schedule.

“It was an easy decision to make,” exclaimed Lentz as he continued, “The new system is built for the future, upgrades are easy to install, and if the system fails again several backups are installed on the system to automatically kick in without interruption.”

When asked how he stayed so calm during his second week on the job, Lentz said, “I have a great staff, everyone cooperated, leadership was supportive, as was the Adventist Health corporate office. Together we were able to overcome obstacles and get the job done.”

UVMC welcomes Lentz Ferrel to the team and thanks him for working quickly and effectively during the phone crisis.

(Pictured: Lentz Ferrel, interim director of Information Technology, kept his cool under pressure during UVMC's phone outage.)