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HMH Names Ace Barash, M.D. Physician of the Year

Awards & Recognition


Date: July 19, 2012

Contact: Kristen Meadows
Marketing Specialist

Each year Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital (HMH) selects a physician who personifies the Adventist Health mission to care for patients physically, emotionally and spiritually. In a field bursting with qualified candidates, HMH named Ace Barash, M.D., its 2012 Physician of the Year. Dr. Barash, a 29-year veteran of the hospital, was surprised and honored by the award.

"I have never been as proud to work some place as I am to be at Howard Hospital at this moment in time. It is a place of inspiration," he said.

Like many people who work at HMH, Dr. Barash wears many hats, including Director of Inpatient Care. Officially, he oversees the care of hospitalized patients and supervises the hospital's nurse practitioners. Because of his humble nature, he described his role as "a support person who identifies holes or inefficiencies in processes and finds ways to fill them." He also serves as an Emergency Room doctor and assists orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Bowen in preparing patients for surgery.

Dr. Barash tried to describe what makes HMH such a special place to work. "It's a feeling you get when you walk down the halls." He described the way employees work together to take care of patients. "People can be themselves...they really work together and patients remark on it." In his leadership position, Dr. Barash might be expected to motivate staff. At that idea, he chuckled. "It's not a matter of motivating the staff, but rather keeping up with them."

In describing his work in the Emergency Room, he was contemplative. "The ER is a study in living with uncertainty," he said. His approach to difficult situations is to be open with patients and, to the degree that he can, taking the time to listen when they need to talk. "I appreciate the spiritual nature of our hospital," he said of his work in the ER and the hospital as a whole. When patients are in the hospital, Dr. Barash and the rest of the hospital employees are encouraged to provide more than just excellent clinical care; they are encouraged to treat people like the friends and neighbors they incorporate a healthy dose of love and warmth with the medical treatment.

"We have a jewel of a hospital. People come from all over Northern California to get treated here...When my shift is over, I don't feel like I want to leave. It feels like home," he said.