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Nutrition Boot Camp Starts March 1


A five-week series of nutritional education classes is set to begin at Ukiah Valley Medical Center on March 1. Known as “Nutrition Boot Camp,” these classes are free and intended to shape up eating habits so participants will emerge smarter, stronger, and more confident in their ability to plan, shop and cook quick and healthy meals.

“People will learn the basics of healthy eating and how to treat food as a medicine,” says Annie Dogali, registered dietician and Nutrition Boot Camp leader. “We will explore the concept of ‘super foods’ as well as those foods which can be detrimental to health.” Instruction will feature an overview of nutrition for weight management, reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Each of the five weekly classes will be centered on a topic, beginning with “Energy Balance” in week one. Dogali will demonstrate how to calculate the number of calories needed in a day, and how to maintain weight by balancing calories eaten with calories burned.

For those interested in weight loss, or even weight maintenance, Nutrition Boot Camp will teach targeted strategies in week two. Participants will learn to consider the calorie density of foods and use the “plate” model of meal planning. Week three will focus on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast as well as avoiding the hidden calories often found in beverages.

If you just love carbs, week four will bring welcome news: “Say goodbye to Atkins,” Dogali offers, “carbs are not the enemy.” Rather than avoiding carbs altogether, healthy eaters can consider the range of “good, bad, and downright ugly carbohydrate choices.”

Rounding out the series, week five will feature a cooking demonstration with instruction on preparing healthy, filling and tasty meals even when time and budget are limited.

The free Nutrition Boot Camp series will meet at 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. each Thursday from March 1 through March 29 at 495 East Perkins Street in Ukiah. Please call (707)-463-7340 to register and reserve your spot.

Watch out Rachael Ray! UVMCs Annie Dogali, registered dietitian, is cooking up some healthy and tasty treats. 

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