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Healing Touch Shared at Ukiah Valley Medical Center

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8/20/2012 - Healing Touch Shared at Ukiah Valley Medical Center 

Rest and relaxation are critical to the healing process according to Heather Van Housen, vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer at Ukiah Valley Medical Center.

Van Housen goes on to say, “I’m excited to announce that we are incorporating massage therapy into the clinical services offered at UVMC in order to enhance the patient experience. We are pleased to have hired Trishonna Benton, massage therapist, to help us build and grow the program.”

“Benton will begin by offering head, neck, shoulder, hand and feet massages, to our pre-operative patients in the mornings. In the afternoons, she will be visiting the inpatient areas to offer massage--with the purpose to help reduce anxiety of our pre-surgery patients in the morning and to provide a healing touch in the afternoon to our post-operative and inpatient guests,” continued Van Housen.

When asked what her experience at UVMC has been like thus far, Benton responded, “My first day on the job I gave five massages, two in our med-surg unit and three in our Family Birth Center to new mothers, who were all very appreciative. Everyone is excited about this new program and my experiences with guests have already been amazing. Massage has such a calming and relaxing affect that I can’t wait to share my talents with those guests that will benefit from my services.”

Benton went on to say, “I’m really looking forward to using massage as part of the healing process and a compliment to the exceptional nursing care guests already receive at UVMC. If I can help ease anxiety and fear, I will feel that my job has been accomplished.”

In regards to massage therapy Van Housen shared, “This is the first of the healing arts that we are bringing to UVMC to complement our high quality medical care. We’re also exploring music and art as additional therapies to the healing experience.”

(Pictured: Massage Therapist Trishonna Benton shares her healing touch with participants at the Pulse Check health fair held on Sunday August 19 at Ukiah Valley Medical Center)

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