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Surgeon Scott Newbold Receives Physician of the Year Award


WALLA WALLA, Wash.--Scott Newbold, MD, has been recognized for his exceptional surgical skills and his compassion for the Walla Walla community. Newbold, a general surgeon at WWGH since 1991, was among 15 Adventist Health doctors who received the first-ever Physician of the Year Mission Award.

The award was presented at a dinner and recognition ceremony during Adventist Health’s annual Physician Leadership Symposium in Sacramento. Dr. Newbold was selected by his fellow physicians for his dedication to the mission of Walla Walla General Hospital and his care for others.

Dr. Newbold is widely recognized in the community as a highly competent surgeon. He has served as Chief of Staff and is also a member of the WWGH Governing Board. He is also known for having the same pleasant demeanor and compassionate spirit whether he is at home with family and friends, in his office with patients, or with colleagues in the operating room.

He often shows appreciation to staff by bringing in food items that he has personally prepared—some of his favorites include mint ice cream pie and homemade crackers with hummus spread. Despite the seriousness of his work, Dr. Newbold is known as a practical joker. He loves to laugh and enjoys a good joke played on him, but nurses warn that he is just as good at returning the favor.  

Another outstanding aspect of Dr. Newbold’s character is his sensitivity to caring for the whole person. His exceptional surgical skills and his ability to deeply listen to his patients allow him to address not only their physical challenges, but their spirit as well. Dr. Newbold is open about his faith and spiritual matters in a way that calms patients and make them confident that he is not alone in the operating room.