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Video Featuring 3D Animation of the New Howard Memorial Hospital Now Available Online



Date: June 8, 2011

Contact: Darcy De Leon
Director, Marketing & HR

Willits, CA

- Howard Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that a three dimensional animation of the new hospital is now available to the public. The hospital animation shows a 360 degree view of the final structure set in a scenic acreage at East Hill Road.

Both state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing, this life-like depiction of the new facility helps viewers vividly visualize the soon-to-be beacon of service in the Willits community.

"The project is moving forward and on schedule," Amy Ford, HMH building project manager said. "There is a lot of quiet momentum which has been building over the past year. Plans were submitted to OSHPD on April 22, 2011 and we expect feedback on our initial set of submissions from them in early August," Ford explained. "The back and forth process to address their concerns and obtain a construction permit is expected to take at least one year."

While OSHPD reviews the drawings, Ford and her team are taking advantage of the time to further develop and refine the drawings' details. "The complexity of the hospital building is substantial due to the many different systems and the seismic requirements of California," Ford says.

Features and changes in the new hospital include an increase of square footage from approx. 30,000 SF to approx. 74,000 SF. While the number of patient beds will remain the same, the new hospital will incorporate two additional operating rooms, doubling the size of the OR. Emergency services will be enhanced by the addition of an on-site helipad. Currently Chief Kyle is working to raise the caliber of the kitchen, allowing the community to sample four-star cuisine in the new dining facility, pending state approval.

Construction is expected to take 2 years. The goal is to break ground during the Summer of 2012, and there are a lot of people working very hard to make that happen.

"The submittal of the drawings to OSHPD was a significant milestone which brings us one step closer to the reality of a new hospital for Willits," Terry Hansen, interim president and CEO at HMH. "We are excited to think about the impact that the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital will have on our town, both in terms of health care and economics. Willits will continue to see the high level of care they have become accustomed to, and we will be in a setting which gives staff a little bit more room to provide that care," Hansen said.