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Adventist Health Corporate Innovations Council Grants Network $144,000 in Seed Money

News HANFORD/SELMA – The new Adventist Health Corporate Innovations Council has awarded Adventist Health / Central Valley Network departments a total of $144,000 to implement innovative ideas within the network and possibly across the Adventist Health system. 
The council recently approved a plan to provide seed money to the system’s 17 hospitals in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington for proposed innovative projects that relate to Adventist Health’s strategic initiatives. An innovation was defined as the introduction of new processes, products, services, systems, organizational structures or business models consistent with the organization’s mission.
Of 24 project submissions, 16 were from the Central Valley Network. Four network projects were among six that were accepted and funded. 
“I am incredibly impressed with the innovative ideas our network came up with,” said Wayne Ferch, network president and CEO and Corporate Innovations Council member. “The ideas we will implement will benefit our patients and community members.”
Doris Tetz Garica, the network’s vice president of Human Resources and Organizational Development, is leading the charge to make innovation a part of the network’s daily practices. “I’m excited to see the collaboration across all departments to make these proposals a reality. The value of this project is to see everyone work together to provide the best care and processes for our patients, workforce and community,” Tetz Garcia said. 
Education Services received the highest allotted amount of $75,000 to fund an on-campus simulation lab for training. The lab, which will be in the Unit 100 of the Central Valley Network - Support Services building on Greenfield Avenue in Hanford, will allow clinical staff to train in realistic situations by performing standard practices with “fake” patients in a simulated hospital environment. The lab is expected to be up and running next year. 
The Valley network’s Organizational Development Department was awarded $45,000 to start a Community Benefit Garden. The garden, which will be on a plot near Adventist Health Employee Health on Greenfield Avenue in Hanford, will provide planting opportunities and fresh produce to local charities, school programs and employees. The project is expected to launch early next year. 
Matthew Beehler, special projects manager, submitted the proposal. “I wanted to propose a Community Benefit Garden to give us a chance to partner with local organizations to give back to our community,” Beehler said. “It will be an opportunity to help the community get involved in healthy living and cooking practices.”
Business Development was awarded $15,000 to make iPads available for patient use for admission paperwork, education and entertainment during wait times. Randy Dodd, vice president of Business Development and Strategic Planning, Brian Ruditsky of Business Development and Denyse Bales-Chubb, vice president of Ambulatory Services, submitted the proposal. 
“By giving our patients iPads, we will fulfill the corporate strategy of offering an extraordinary patient experience and offer another tool in the health care decision-making process,” Dodd said. 
“It will make waiting time seem to disappear because patients’ time will be occupied rather than unoccupied,” Ruditsky added. “Through technology, we will also give our patients the ability to research medical conditions to make informed decisions with their provider.”
Employee Health was awarded $9,000 to buy a scanner that will eliminate paperwork and allow Employee Health to streamline vaccination processes. Director Addie Ricks was the first in the entire Adventist Health system to submit a proposal to the council. The electronic process should be implemented this year. 
“With a growing workforce of over 2,400 employees, a scanning device using employees’ badges will increase efficiency, eliminate paper waste and provide the best customer service every year when flu season rolls around,” Ricks said.