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New Service for Stroke Patients at Tillamook Hospital


Tillamook County General Hospital is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Providence Telestroke Network to provide a higher level of care to patients who come to our hospital with stroke symptoms.

This allows Portland-based neurologists to diagnose and treat stroke patients as soon as they arrive at a network partner such as Tillamook Hospital. From Portland, using two-way video cameras over a secure Internet connection, Providence Stroke Center neurologists review patient information, and examine and talk with the patient, family members and clinicians to determine the best course of treatment.

"Once a patient has a stroke, every second counts," said Nicholas Okon, D.O., medical director Providence Telestroke Network. "The telestroke network allows stroke neurologists like myself to diagnose and treat stroke patients in rural communities immediately. Starting treatment immediately means we may be able to prevent the debilitating effects of a stroke," said Okon.

Providence Telestroke Network, the first telestroke network in Oregon, will soon connect Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and Providence Portland Medical Center to six communities beyond Portland.

Tillamook General Hospital is now one of eight community hospitals connected to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and Providence Portland Medical Center via the telestroke network.

Providence Telestroke Network is especially important in the Northwest. Both Oregon and Washington are among the top ten states where people are most likely to die from a stroke. Across the United States, stroke is the third leading cause of death. Nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year. More than 140,000 die.

Providence Stroke Center is a nationally certified Primary Stroke Center. The Providence stroke team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurointerventionalists, radiologists, nurses and therapists who work to quickly diagnose patients and use the most technically advanced methods to remove clots, repair broken arteries that cause strokes, and restore blood flow to the brain.

"This new telemedicine service will allow patients with stroke symptoms who come to our Tillamook Hospital Emergency Department to have an immediate consultation with a neurologist who can see and interact with the patient, as well as view their diagnostic tests," said Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Mark Bowman. "This brings the specialty services of a neurologist to Tillamook right when our patients need them."

ABOUT PROVIDENCE STROKE CENTER: Providence Stroke Center, Oregon's first Joint Commission- certified program for stroke care, providing round-the-clock acute stroke evaluation and cutting-edge treatment. Stroke patients are cared for by a team of experts who work to identify stroke cause; minimize stroke-related disability; and guide patients to recovery and rehabilitation after hospitalization. The center's neuro bi-plane room enables neurointerventionalists to rapidly view a patient's brain from multiple angles by way of a 3-D camera; such advanced technology expedites treatment of life-threatening conditions such as cerebral aneurysms and certain types of strokes. Providence Stroke Center is part of the Providence Brain Institute and offers services at both Providence St. Vincent and Providence Portland Medical Centers