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Modify Your Holiday Habits With Help from The Wellness Center

Health Alert
‘Tis the season to be merry. And jolly. And extremely full after gorging yourself on peanut brittle and fruitcake at Aunt Belinda’s Christmas party last night.

We’ve all been there. But this year, you don’t have to be.

Registered dietician Kira Wiggins, director of The Wellness Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH), says it’s not about going cold turkey during the holidays—just eating a little less of it.
“Always eat a snack before going to a holiday party,” Wiggins suggested. “Then, you’ll be able to enjoy a portioned assortment of select treats instead of overloading your plate to ease those hunger pains.”

And for women, the season’s must-have accessories provide an escape route to your coveted figure. “Take a strapless purse with you to parties,” Wiggins said. “Then, you won’t have a free hand to carry around a full plate all night.”

As for the rest of the festive season, and for that matter, all year round; try using the stairs, parking in the back of the lot, and talking to your colleagues in person instead of by email or phone.
Though such suggestions seem trivial, as Wiggins points out, it’s the little things that often make the big difference in preventing those holiday gains.

And at The Wellness Center, prevention is the focal point.

Providing tools
From nutritional counseling to a plethora of healthy lifestyle programs, The Wellness Center is committed to providing the tools you need to live healthy and practically.

“In our fast-paced society, we’ve become dependent on quick and easy foods,” Wiggins said. “We help people get off these mindless eating patterns and into a plan that features balance within the structure of their own lives.”

However, a few excess pounds aren’t the only reason to lead a wholesome lifestyle. Even people who are in a healthy weight bracket can be overcome by the onset of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Through extensive education on diabetes prevention for people walking the line, and motivational coaching for those already affected, The Wellness Center is changing lives by empowering diabetes patients to adjust their lifestyles.

The center is also home to a cardiac rehab lab, complete with a physical therapist, available to patients who have suffered a heart episode in the past 12 months.

John May, pastor of the Rio Bravo Valley Baptist Church, uses the equipment three days each week. “I’m very grateful for this service offered by the Wellness Center,” May said. The people are friendly and really look out for the patients.”

While heart problems and sicknesses of all kinds are a fact of life, Wiggins and her team remain dedicated to preventing as many of them as possible.

“Our culture likes to repair something after it’s broken.” Wiggins said. “Our goal here is to fix the problem before it becomes a crisis.”

To learn more about The Wellness Center and any of the services highlighted in this article, call (661) 869-6560.