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Agustin Rubio, M.D., Family Physician

Patient Stories

Doctors' Day Comments, 2009

The experience I will never forget happened during the summer of 2007 at Selma Community Hospital. My dad … was an alcohol abuser. At that point his alcoholism had become worse with each day that passed. With time, his foot became swollen, and he made the decision to not go [to a doctor] because he knew what the doctors would say about alcohol. He decided to go because of the unbearable pain and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Three weeks later, his foot was still swollen and had foul-smelling drainage so he was sent to the hospital. There an angel changed my dad’s thoughts and life forever, still to this day. Dr. Agustin Rubio, currently a third-year resident, told my dad the harsh truth ... He did it with compassion. My dad is almost two years sober, thanks to the future great doctor.