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Cancer Support Groups

Coping with cancer through the help of community

At the AIS Cancer Center, we offer a cancer support community. That means in addition to treating your body when you have cancer, we look for ways to help your emotional healing. Our cancer support groups play a big role in that mission.

Cancer help from your peers

A cancer diagnosis can also impact the way you feel about your body, your family, your community and even your life. Your doctor can help with some of those changes, but a community of peers can assist in a different way.

In our cancer support groups, you meet others who know what you’re going through, because they’ve been there. It’s a safe space to talk, give hope and empower each other by sharing questions, feelings and personal experiences. A facilitator guides the meeting, but participants talk freely and openly with each other in conversations that can inspire, comfort and heal.

Cancer help for people you love

Our special cancer support group for people caring for a loved one with cancer can also help your friends and family. Everyone who participates is caring for someone with cancer, and everything said in these meetings is kept confidential. Some people brainstorm caregiving solutions, while others seek emotional support. Your caregivers can share their questions, feelings and experiences related to the impact of cancer.

There is no charge for attendance in a support group meeting, but seats are limited. We also have meetings in Spanish. To learn more, call (661) 323-4673.