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Advanced Surgical Technology

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Whether you have scheduled your procedure, or an emergency requires quick action, Adventist Health Bakersfield’s general surgery team is ready for you. Offering a broad array of surgical specialties and technology, our specialists provide you the most advanced care when you need it most.

Our board-certified experts and support team provide the most advanced surgical technology and care approaches to help restore you. Each patient receives a customized surgical care plan with their specific needs in mind. Sometimes that calls for conventional approaches, and at other times minimally invasive surgical procedures or treatments using advanced robotics.

Get the rest and emotional support you need to heal. With our knowledgeable team, you can count on understanding what your next steps will be, and how we can support you, so you are always clear about where to go and what to do next before you are released.

Thank you for entrusting your care to us.

Meet our surgeons

Whitney Guerrero, MD
General Surgery

Chih Cheng Lee, MD
General Surgery

Kelly Bishop, MD
General Surgery