brain and spine care


"The staff is wonderful on 5N I have had the best care. I've had surgery at multiple hospitals and this by far is the best. The staff communicates so well. I felt like the staff was ready to care for me as soon as I got here, the care was coordinated so well. The therapist came in PT, OT, my spine coordinator, and my nurse. They all knew the plan and explained it to me, and my pain was managed so well. My host was so sweet and kind she took my meal order and gave me a recommendation. My therapy sessions were very informative and educational."

– Jeffrey F.

"Everyone has been so kind and wonderful. Physical therapy Dena and Jazmin are such lovely and patient people. I have not walked since 2016 and they helped me take my first steps to recovery. I am so thankful for them."

- Ema E.

"Everyone has been very nice and attentive. The nurses are amazing, they have been on top of my pain control. Dr Serxner is a very good surgeon, and he is very confident in his work. That really gave me a piece of mind and I was not as nervous when I came into surgery."

- Mario L.

"Everyone was very good. My nurse Simran S. was very sweet and kind. Dr Jain is a very good surgeon. My Spine Coordinator was very helpful in coordinating my care and making sure I received everything I needed, like my pain meds."

-John A.

"The staff is wonderful. Rochelle the night nurse and Jaz were just great! They were so compassionate. Yoshi the therapist was so good at explaining all my precautions. Raman the day nurse was so thorough and careful. Dalia my spine coordinator was amazing at coordinating my care. Dr Amjadi is such a great surgeon. I am so glad I chose him as my surgeon."

- Christine C.

"The staff has been incredible. Dr. Amjadi is a very good doctor! I know I am on many pain meds, but I am so grateful that he agreed to do my surgery because I can feel my right leg waking up! My goal is to be off all of these pain medicines I finally found a doctor that could help me! Dalia, you have been so helpful with helping the nurses understand what is going on with me and helping them understand my pain regimen. I thank you that you work with therapy and taking the time to help me walk."

– Tennile M.

"Dr. Oluyede did a fabulous job on my surgery, and my nurses Melissa, Suzette, and Dalia were so compassionate and took good care of me. I am so glad I had my surgery here."

- James D.

"Everyone has been so positive, informative, and responsive. Dr Dario was so kind and Dr Jain is the best surgeon! His OR team the three male nurses were so compassionate. All of the staff were amazing but Sharo care partner and Karyl night nurse were extra attentive and compassionate. I want to thank management and Dalia, the coordinator because this spine program runs so well. I've had 6 surgeries, one at Marina Del Rey, and this is the best experience by far!"

- Carmen C.

"Liza my day nurse was so attentive and checked on me so frequently. She was in my room every 1-2 hours. She stayed on top of my pain meds and made sure I was okay. The staff here at Adventist is really great. The care is very coordinated and the communication between staff is amazing. I had 4 other neck surgeries and this is my best experience. My last surgery was in Las Vegas and the care there was horrible. Dr. Amjadi communicates very thoroughly. He is the best surgeon!"

– Sherri L.

"Everyone has been so nice. I have received exceptional care. Dr. Oluyede is such a great surgeon. I don't feel the annoying pain in my back. My call light is answered within 2 minutes of me pressing it. I had surgery at Memorial, and I had a horrible experience. I would use my call light and it would get answered in 45 minutes. I was treated with respect and compassion at this hospital. My night nurse Lydiah saw I was nervous and took the time to talk to me and calm me down."

– James S.