Diagnosing Your Cancer

It’s scary to wonder if you have cancer or not. The good news in all this is how AIS Cancer Center works to diagnose not just cancer but get the important information you and your oncologist need to make a treatment plan customized for your exact needs.

Our diagnostic team uses the latest technology to help you, your providers and your family know details about your cancer, from its location to its genetic makeup. Our diagnostic teams include:

  • Genetic testing: Cancer gene tests can help you and your oncology team better understand how to address your cancer and what, if any, increased cancer risk your family.
  • Quest Imaging Facility: Our board-certified radiologists use state-of-the-art imaging to instantly capture the images your cancer team needs to know how your cancer and treatment are progressing.

Accurate and timely diagnosis of your cancer is key to planning the most effective treatment. The AIS Cancer Center offers you the best professionals and equipment for this important first step in your healing journey.