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Thought provoking and fun, Rideout Healthy Kids — The 8 Healthy Habits is musical theater that uses light-hearted comedy to show students it's cool to be healthy. By using skits, humor, and music aimed to teach students how poor health habits will affect them later in life. Actors in the assembly show that it's fun to be more active, watch less TV, and make better choices to eat healthy. This 45-minute assembly is designed for kids and teens in grades Kindergarten-8th.

What participating schools receive

As part of the Rideout Healthy Kids school program, schools received a live theater assembly (45 minutes) for students in grades Kindergarten – 6th. We typically perform for 100 to 500 students per audience but every school has the opportunity to host a Rideout Healthy Kids assembly; smaller schools sometimes combine with other nearby schools at a single location.

8 Great Reasons To bring Rideout Healthy Kids to your school

In addition to the assembly, schools receive follow-up materials for students, teachers, parents, and health staff, to help extend the nutrition and health messages throughout the year. Each school will receive a Rideout Healthy Kids School Resource Kit providing fun, hands-on lesson plans and reproducible activity sheets to follow up on the enthusiasm generated by the show.

We are accepting applications for the 2018-19 fall and spring seasons. If you have any questions or would like more information about our Rideout Healthy Kidsassembly, contact us at 530 751-4268 and leave us a message! The Rideout Healthy Kids program staff will return your call. Or if you prefer, send us an email message to Linda Plummer, lplummer@frhg.org or Paul DeMeritt, demeritt@fcs-k12.org

Here is our mailing address and contact information:

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