quality safety

Smoke-Free Facilities

Because of Lodi Health’s commitment to the health and safety of patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers, we seek to provide a more healthful, clean air environment by prohibiting smoking at all locations except in designated areas. A non-smoking policy throughout Lodi Health is communicated and enforced.

Patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers are prohibited from smoking in any of the organization’s buildings including Lodi Health Physicians' locations or business occupancies. This policy is intended to:

  • Discourage smoking to reduce health risks, including possible adverse effects on patient’s treatment.
  • Reduce risks of passive smoking for others.
  • Reduce the risk of fire.

This policy relies on the cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers. It is the responsibility of all Lodi Health employees, physicians and volunteers to enforce this policy among patients, employees, physicians, vendors/contractors, and visitors by courteously informing them of this policy.