Health & Wellness in O’ahu

A long and proud heritage

As early as the mid-1860s, health pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church emphasized not only the treatment of disease, but the importance of maintaining good health and the prevention of illness before it ever has a chance to take hold. With the opening of their first healthcare facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1866, these forward-thinking men and women promoted proper nutrition, exercise and sanitation, concepts radical to much of the medical community back in the 19th century.

As a member of the Adventist Health hospital family, Adventist Health Castle takes proud inspiration from this long heritage of promoting health and wellness.

Our community’s health

The improvement of our community’s health, with a focus on wellness, prevention and the management of chronic disease, is a primary goal of Adventist Health. At Adventist Health Castle, caring for our community means providing comprehensive health and wellness services to individuals and families in every setting — where we live, work, worship and play.

We believe healthy individuals make healthy families and healthy communities. We strive to improve quality of life and strengthen the vitality of the Windward O‘ahu community by offering of high-quality, patient-centered medical care and community-based outreach, education and prevention services.

Learn more by reading Adventist Health Castle’s most recent Community Health Needs Assessment.

The Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Center

The Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Center on the campus of Adventist Health Castle is our primary facility for promoting community wellness. This center offers an array of health education and lifestyle-enrichment resources to keep Windward O‘ahu families healthy and fit.

Please be sure to explore all the many classes and seminars offered by both our Wellness Center and various other medical center departments.

Other health and wellness resources

Windward Health is Adventist Health Castle’s journal of wellness and good healthcare. This magazine is sent out each quarter to every Windward O‘ahu household.

In addition, through Adventist Health, our corporate parent, Adventist Health Castle provides a comprehensive healthlibrary with an interactive health navigator and a variety of wellness tools to help you on your journey to better health.