Go Heart

Go Heart is a free community-based program to help you live better, longer. We offer activities for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The goals are to decrease stress, increase happiness, and prevent heart disease and related illnesses. Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible. There’s no cost to join, and all events are free – click below to become a member!

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Upcoming Events:

- Yoga in the Park | Soulful Saturdays first weekend of every month – Details and RSVP

And more every month! For updates and a calendar our other upcoming events, you can follow our Eventbrite page or join our Meetup group.

As a Go Heart member, you’ll have access to:

  • A monthly calendar of free lifestyle activities – such as outdoor yoga, hiking, stress management, and eating well–to help you find options that fit YOU, where you want to start.
  • Education sessions by experts on a range of wellness and medical topics.
  • Special access to local wellness resources offered by our partners, with benefits such as discounts and unique classes.
  • Social support to stay on-track.
  • A connection between medicine and lifestyle support as part of your “health team.” Stay healthy and get exceptional care when you need it.

Join the Go Heart movement for healthy hearts and stronger communities. Signup to explore our calendar of activities, and all the wellness resources available to you.

As a Go Heart partner, we offer:

  • A free option to serve as a corporate wellness program.
  • A benefit for employees to improve health and engagement
  • An attractive benefit to aid in recruiting job candidates.
  • For providers and practices – by referring your patients to Go Heart, you’ll show your care for their whole health, while making your practice standout in the community.