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Clearlake 3D mammography and breast cancer screenings

Adventist Health Clear Lake takes a prevention-focused approach to health. That includes regular screenings like mammograms. Schedule a mammogram by calling (707) 995-5638.

3D mammography, the latest breakthrough

Also known as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), 3D mammography is the latest breakthrough in breast cancer detection. And early detection is proven to be the best defense against cancer. This new and cutting-edge technology means healthier women — sisters, daughters, mothers and friends.

Benefits of 3D mammography include:

  • 29 percent increase in detection of all breast cancers
  • 41 percent increase in detection of invasive breast cancers
  • Greater accuracy in pinpointing size, shape and location of tumors
  • Much more comfortable procedure
  • Fewer unnecessary biopsies or additional tests
  • Greater likelihood of finding multiple tumors

Adventist Health Clear Lake offers this breakthrough breast screening technology at our medical imaging location on Lakeshore Drive in Clearlake. The exams are covered and paid for by Medicare, as well as many private insurers.

Why 3D breast screening is more accurate

Traditional 2D mammography typically takes two X-rays of each breast from different angles — side-to-side and top-to-bottom. The breast is stretched, compressed and held between two plates. This compression causes breast tissue overlap, which can sometimes make cancers harder to detect. A 2D mammogram takes a single picture across the entire breast with each compression.

3D mammography has revolutionized detection by taking multiple pictures of each breast from many angles. During the imaging session, an X-ray tube moves in an arc around the breast, taking 11 images in a matter of seconds. This is done with the same two compressions (squishes) as before, but results in more images for the radiologist to study and compare.

The 3D mammogram reduces the need for additional tests by up to 40 percent because radiologists can be more confident they aren’t missing any cancers. The results also lessen the number of false positives, meaning fewer unnecessary biopsies and additional diagnostic evaluations. That means you can get back to your life without the anxiety of additional screenings.

Detection: The best defense against cancer

Breast cancer is most easily treated when it is detected early. Mammograms are the best tool to detect the small tumors and lesions that indicate possible breast cancer. Any cancers found during screening exams are more likely to be smaller and only in the breast.

Research shows that women who have regular mammograms are more likely to have breast cancer found early. This means you’re less likely to need aggressive treatment such as a mastectomy or chemotherapy and more likely to be cured.

A safe, comfortable experience

3D mammography is proven to be clinically superior to 2D mammograms while keeping you safe. Special software keeps the exposure to radiation as low as possible, comparable to 2D exams and well below the level set by the FDA.

The exam is quick and takes less than four seconds for each sweep of the X-ray tube. The Selenia Dimensions system has an ergonomic design to conform to the natural contours of the breast even in compression, which means a more comfortable experience for you.


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