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Family Physicians in Clearlake

A network of physicians and medical offices close to home

We offer a network of primary care physicians and specialists available at 10 clinics throughout Lake County. All of our physicians are board certified. This means they’ve gone through rigorous training and are highly skilled in delivering quality medical care. And, because we offer such an extensive network of specialists, you’ll have access to leading experts with the specialties you need close to home.

All of our clinics accept Medi-Cal, Partnership, Medicare and most other forms of insurance. To find a specialist based on your needs, contact us at (800) 540-3611 or phone each individual medical office directly.

Why choose a family physician?

When deciding on a primary care provider, you have the choice between an internist and family physician. You may also consider a gynecologist, pediatrician or geriatrician. If you’re looking for providers for your whole family, going with an internist for yourself means you will need to also find a pediatrician for your children.

A family physician, however, can treat all members of your family. This is a convenient option for families who want to consolidate their healthcare plan.

Instead of researching local providers and meeting with various doctors to learn more about them, you can instead look into family care providers and end your search once you have found that one physician you can trust to provide you and your family with the personalized care you need and deserve.

Family physicians are trained to work with patients of all ages. By working with all of you, your family physician will gain a solid understanding of your whole family’s medical history.