therapy services

Complex and Neurological Rehabilitation

Brain and spine injury treatment in Clearlake

​Using sophisticated training techniques, we help patients channel recovery from brain and spinal injuries and improve functional capabilities, swallowing ability and speech skills.

Chronic disease management

We provide assessment, treatment and education of those with chronic illness to help them achieve a higher quality of life.

Cognitive therapy

Our team offers treatment for memory, word retrieval, cognitive processing (thinking skills) and attention span disorders from birth or following a stroke or head injury.

Lymphedema therapy

Certified lymphedema therapists help manage the condition through a combination of early detection, clinical treatments and education around managing chronic swelling.

Speech therapy

Oral motor exercises and speech articulation training promotes clear speech.

Wheelchair evaluation/fitting

We assess a patient’s need for a wheelchair and provide them with training on how to use it.

Wound management

Diabetic, venous and arteriole wounds or ulcers are treated using debridement and state-of-the-art dressing management.