Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education is the third phase of medical education. This phase continues the specialty education of the practicing physician that was begun as a medical student. It reflects the commitment of life-long learning inherent in the medical profession.

White Memorial Medical Center offers educational opportunities for physicians and allied health care professionals to improve their abilities as practitioners by way of ongoing needs based on CME activities.

WMMC's goal is to promote quality medical care by its Medical Staff members as well as by the East Los Angeles physician community. This includes supporting the needs of the individual practitioner with educational updates specifically related to the issues that arise in current practice circumstances and in the context of cultural and linguistic needs of the population in the White Memorial Medical Center service area.

WMMC is accredited to offer CME Category I Credit by the Institute for Medical Quality/California Medical Association (IMQ/CMA).

Click here for more information on the CME planning application process.

Contact Information
Evelyn Martinez
Leadership Coordinator, Medical Education Department
(323) 268-5000 ext. 2102
(323) 881-8601 (Fax)

Sylvia Munoz
Data Analyst
(323) 268-5000 ext. 4314
(323) 881-8601 (Fax)