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Clinical Trials

Bringing the latest innovations to your local cancer center

The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center participates in the Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The program supports clinical research studies of new cancer treatments that may improve the quality of life for patients today and the standard of cancer care in the future. Our access to the NCI clinical trials is bolstered by our unique affiliation with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), a top cancer research facility and one of just ten NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in California. This affiliation brings the expertise of this “Top 10” cancer research facility to benefit your own cancer journey close to home.

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As our patient, you gain the advantage of new, investigational cancer therapies that are not available at other treatment centers as a treatment option. Upon approval, you may participate in a unique clinical trial sponsored by the National Cancer Institute or through a pharmaceutical company. The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center holds multi-disciplinary conferences on challenging cancer cases to determine the best course of treatment, and physicians review available clinical trials as a potential treatment option.

View a video from the National Cancer Institute to learn more about participating in a clinical trial.

Current clinical trials

Cancer Type Clinical Trial
Solid tumor, lymphoma, MM EAY131 Match
Exact Sciences Ascend 2
Breast A011202
Lung Alliance A151216
Cervical RTOG 0724
Esophageal ECOG EA2174 Esophageal

Our Clinical Trials Team

Together with our medical director, our clinical trials team connects patients to appropriate clinical trials and monitors treatment protocols and regulatory aspects of research programs. Reach our clinical trials team by calling (707) 967-3698 or email

Clinical Trials through UCSF

Through our affiliation with University of California, San Francisco, our physicians can refer patients to clinical trials offered by the Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center. Learn more about their clinical trials.

Types of clinical trials include:

Preventive Trials: test various medicines, vitamins, minerals, supplements and lifestyle changes that may lower the risk of cancer.

Treatment Trials: test new treatments, including new cancer drugs, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy or new combinations of different therapies.

Screening and Observational Trials: test the best way to detect cancer, focusing particularly on finding cancer in its early stages.

Quality of Life Trials: investigate the ways to improve the comfort and quality of life for cancer patients.

Every clinical trial has a protocol, or study plan, that describes what will be done during the trial, how the trial will be conducted and why each part of the trial is necessary. The protocol also includes guidelines for who can and cannot take part in the trial. If you are interested in joining a trial, you will receive medical tests to be sure that you meet the eligibility requirements.