Living Well Fitness Center

Living Well Fitness Center logoThe LivingWell Fitness Center at Adventist Health Sonora is located at 4 S. Forest Road in Sonora and features a full range of fitness classes to help you achieve your wellness goals. All classes are $7 and 10-class punch cards are available. Associates on the Adventist Health Employee Health Plan receive a 50% discount.

The Fitness Center will be operating with a few COVID-19 safety modifications that include:

  • Maintaining a daily log of screenings and temperature checks for participants and instructors
  • Disinfecting surfaces between classes
  • Limiting the number of people per class to allow physical distancing
  • Holding certain classes outdoors when weather allows to accommodate more participants

Classes are offered first come, first served so be sure to arrive a few minutes early to ensure you get a spot.

Fitness Center Schedule. Learn more about the classes listed below or call 209-536-5096.

Living Well Class Descriptions

Butts & Guts | Lori

This is a serious workout that combines a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening your core and toning your abs and glutes.

Fit Camp | Crystal

Get fit and work your entire body with this circuit workout that combines cardio training with upper body, lower body and core strengthening.

Spin | Ainslee

Have fun with friends, cycling to music and improving your strength and endurance with this great cardiovascular workout, perfect for all ability levels.

Tabata | Lori

This high- intensity interval training consists of 8 rounds of 20- second, maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Some call it a miracle workout.

TRX | Lori

With TRX suspension training, use your own weight to strengthen your entire body. Avoid injury with a strong core and burn more calories with increased muscle.

Yoga | Karl

Tone your body, reduce stress, improve balance and increase flexibility through gentle stretching and breathing exercises.

Zumba | Robert

Burn calories and get a boost of energy by combining low- and high- intensity moves in this total body workout . Latin and world rhythms make it a fun dance party!

LivingWell class instructors

  • AinsleeAinslee began teaching spin in 2020 but she has been an avid spinner for years. "I love to ride to the beat of the music which will take your spin experience to a whole new level," she says. "Although I do not get to be in San Diego for my first year of college, I'm so excited I get to teach spin here in Sonora!"
  • CrystalCrystal has been a personal trainer since 2013, teaching her very first classes in boxing before going on to get certified. "I believe that fitness allows us to live our best lives, which is different for each and every person," she explains. "I love helping people find the movement they can enjoy, stick to and have fun with."

KarlKarl was certified to teach Vata yoga in 2015, and Aundalini yoga in 2019.His teaching centers around the breath and its effect on the mind, body and spirit. "My personal commitment to the continued study and experience of all things yoga is my path to teaching others," he says. "Like Bert the Muppet, I like pigeons and oatmeal."

  • LoriLori became dedicated to fitness in 2014 when her dad had an emergency triple bypass. "While I cannot fight genetics, I can do everything in my power to ensure a long healthy life," she says. Lori loves being able to motivate others and show them the way to a healthy heart, body and mind.
  • RobertRobert loves leading Zumba classes because every class feels like a party! "I don't know anyone who leaves a Zumba class in a bad mood," he says. "You don't have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. It's easy. Come try it. I guarantee you will have a blast!"

LivingWell Fitness Center Punch Cards may be purchased at any class. Each punch is $7 or $70 for a full card.
Adventist Health associates who are part of the Adventist Health Employee Health Plan may purchase cards for half price.
Call 209-536-5026 for more information.