Living Well Fitness Center

Living Well Fitness Center logoThe Living Well Fitness Center at Adventist Health Sonora is located at 4 S. Forest Road near the old medical center campus in Sonora. The Living Well Fitness Center features a full range of fitness classes to help you achieve your wellness goals. All classes are $7. Adventist Health employees on the Engaged! and Base health plans can attend classes for half price.

For more information, please call at (209) 536-5026.

Fitness Center Schedule. Learn more about the classes listed below or call 209-536-5096.

Living Well Class Descriptions

  • boot camp classBoot Camp- Looking for a total body workout? This aerobic style boot camp is a fun and challenging class that can benefit ALL fitness levels. Bring a yoga mat, sweat towel and plenty of water. Instructors: Hope
  • HIIT Class30-minute HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT alternates low- and moderate-intensity exercises with high-intervals to burn fat more effectively and boost metabolism to help you burn more calories. HIIT is a great way to lose fat and tone muscles while improving your aerobic fitness and strength all in a quick 30-minute morning workout - a perfect addition to your routine! Instructor: Crystal
  • spin classSpin- Spin class is perfect for all fitness levels. Each participant can control their resistance level to match their ability. Our instructors can help you make proper bike adjustments and provide individualized instruction. For those who have had difficulty following other group exercise classes, you will enjoy the simplicity of spin class - no tripping over steps or moving left when everyone else moves right! Spin class incorporates highly-energetic instructors with lively music to get you pumped!

Limited space available. Reservations required. Please call (209) 536-5026 to reserve your spot.
: Hope

trx classTRX- Get the ultimate core workout while engaging multiple muscle groups. TRX suspension training uses bands to help you use your own weight to strengthen your entire body. A strong, stable core can help you avoid injury and back pain and your increased muscle mass will help you burn more calories - even at rest. With TRX, the possibilities are endless with exercises to challenge any fitness level.

Limited space available. Reservations required. Please call (209) 536-5026 to reserve your spot.
Instructor: Hope

  • yogaYoga- This class will help you tone your body, reduce stress, and increase your flexibility through gentle stretching and breathing exercises. Our instructors are there to support and encourage you, as well as help you move towards healthier living. Instructor: Steve
  • zumbaZumba- Zumba provides a great workout and burns tons of calories by combining low- and high-intensity moves. The Latin and world rhythms help make it a fun dance party! Zumba provides a total body workout with cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and a big boost of energy. Instructor: Robert

**Living Well Fitness Center Punch Cards may be purchased at any class. Each punch is $7 or $70 for a full card.
Medical Center employees who are part of the Engaged! or Base health insurance plan may purchase cards for half price.