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Celebrating 30 Years Caring for Simi Valley


The physicians at Simi Valley Family Practice medical group want to say thank you! As the group celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year with the addition of two new physicians, it cherishes the privilege of serving the community and the trust patients have placed in it for generations.

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Whole Person Care
Since your primary care physician helps keep you healthy with screenings and check-ups, is your go-to when you’re sick, refers you to specialists when needed, and oversees all your care, he or she has a big impact on your health and well-being. David Yamada, MD, and Daniel Takeda, MD, who founded Simi Valley Family Practice in 1989, say a wholistic, whole person approach to care has been their group’s philosophy from the start.

“We’re concerned with the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children, teens, moms-to-be, adults and seniors,” says Dr. Takeda. “We understand them as part of a family and a community as well as individuals.”

“And when they need to see a specialist or have tests done, we explain the care they’ll receive and help allay any fears,” says Dr. Yamada. Patients can turn to their doctor for any healthcare need, including emotional support, health education and prevention.

Family MedicineCaring for the Whole Family Tree
Dr. Yamada and Dr. Takeda say they love treating the whole “family tree” – parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts. Simi Valley Family Practice remains one of the only family medicine groups that still provides obstetrical care and delivers babies.

“There are certain moments in people’s lives that bond them together, and delivering a child really bonds a doctor to a family,” says Dr. Takeda. “Some of the babies we delivered are now having kids of their own and bringing them to us for care.”

“Establishing relationships with individuals and families and being part of the community has been really fulfilling,” says Dr. Yamada. “We appreciate that our patients have enough trust in us to tell their friends about us and recommend us to their family members.”

Deep Community Roots
It’s reassuring to know you don’t have to travel outside the community to find the right doctor. In addition to Dr. Takeda and Dr. Yamada, who have lived and worked in Simi Valley for three decades, Simi Valley Family Practice includes John Dingilian, MD, who has practiced for 20 years and currently serves as Adventist Health Simi Valley’s Medical Officer, Lauren Carpenter, MD, who joined the group in June 2019, Chelsey Kahanowich, DO, who will join the group this fall, and Physician Assistant Nidfel Herrera.

Going Strong
Dr. Yamada and Dr. Takeda say getting to know and caring for patients is immensely satisfying, and they have no plans to retire – or to change the way they practice.

“Simi Valley Family Practice will maintain the same philosophy of care we’ve had for 30 years, which is taking care of the whole person and the whole family,” says Dr. Takeda. “Being part of this community and caring for our patients is a real honor.”

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