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    Five steps to becoming a healthier man

    As busy men, your health can be easily pushed to the end of the “to do” list. Let June be the month, you become a healthier man. With these five steps you can prevent serious health problems and enjoy a better future.

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    Preventing stroke and heart attack

    High blood pressure—or hypertension—is a risk factor for stroke and heart attack, as well as other health conditions. Working with your doctor to monitor your blood pressure is one important way to stay on top of your overall health.

Charlotte's Story

When Charlotte’s newborn screening came back her parents were given the news that their perfect little girl had PKU. We are so proud of the entire team at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley and their can-do attitude that has made local care possible for Charlotte. Discover Charlotte’s story.

Spirits… and Spirituality

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Mendocino County has the highest detected alcohol use rate in the four neighboring counties—with a rate five times higher than Sonoma County and more than twice as high as Humboldt County. We offer individualized treatment plans to work with people on the things that matter to them, to help them rediscover that sense of awe and wonder they may have lost, and hopefully find a new identity through purpose and meaning.
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