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Reedley Emergency Care

The emergency room at Adventist Health Reedley is a 10-bed unit that operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The unit contains state-of-the-art equipment to rapidly assess and stabilize the emergency, whether it is an illness or injury. We also have quick access to other services like imaging, laboratory services and respiratory therapy.

Staff members include highly trained professional registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses, as well as a physician's assistant. A physician is on duty at all times. Our ER team cares for newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.

Following assessment and diagnosis, patients may be treated and discharged, admitted to Adventist Medical Center Reedley for continuing care, or transferred to another hospital for a higher level of care if needed. Referral services are also available.

The median time to see a Reedley emergency provider was nine minutes in September 2019. The actual wait time may vary, depending on the severity and number of cases.

Should you seek emergency care?

While some health concerns can be treated at an urgent care clinic, you should call 911 and visit an emergency room if you experience:

  • Sudden chest pain
  • Injury to the head or spine
  • Unconsciousness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Choking
  • Continuous or severe bleeding
  • Blood in coughing or vomiting
  • Feelings of suicide or homicide
  • Sudden change in mental state like confusion or disorientation
  • Dizziness, weakness, or inability to see
  • Ingesting poisonous materials
  • Severe wound trauma


Adventist Health Reedley
372 W. Cypress Ave., Reedley, CA 93654
Phone: (559) 391-3310
Hours: Available 24/7

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