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Adventist Health Reedley is pleased to offer advanced medical imaging technology to our patients and care providers. Patients no longer have to experience the inconvenience of traveling outside of the area in order to receive advanced imaging services. Our new Medical Imaging Center is staffed with licensed imaging specialists and professional support personnel who are dedicated in providing quality and compassionate services that our patients and care providers deserve.

The Imaging Center features the latest technology that results in uncompromised quality and efficiency. Our digital imaging equipment provides superb image quality and dramatically reduces the actual time it takes to perform the patient's examination when compared to older technologies.

Imaging procedures are interpreted by the National Radiology Group, Radisphere, who comprise a large network of specialty radiologists serving 250 facilities nationally. Due to our ability to store and manipulate imaging procedures electronically, the Imaging Center has the innovative ability to transmit procedures to a remote locations utilizing radiologists who are sub-specialty experts in fields such as; Musculo-skeletal, Neurology, Cardiology, Women's Imaging, Pediatric and Nuclear Medicine, to name a few. Radiologists are available 24/7 for interpretive services or consultation.

3D mammography services are now available in Reedley!

With pain being the number one complaint during mammograms, the new and advanced 3D technology at Adventist Health Reedley is designed to lessen discomfort by providing uniform compression. Proven to detect 20%-65% more breast cancers compared to 2D mammography, 3D mammograms allow for faster and more efficient exams. Features of 3D mammograms include:

  • 3.7 second scan time for reduced patient motion and fewer retakes.
  • Improved visibility of fine details for greater diagnostic confidence.
  • SmartCurve Breast Stabilization to apply uniform compression for improved patient comfort.
  • The only mammogram FDA approved as superior for women with dense breasts compared to 2D mammograms alone.

PACS - Picture Archiving System (General Electric)

Adventist Health Reedley utilizes sophisticated, electronic technology to capture, store and process medical images. Instantaneous access for viewing images is available to imaging professionals and or care providers on campus or from remote locations. Final imaging reports are available to referring care providers within 24 hours for routine examinations and within minutes for urgent situations.

Digital X-ray (General Electric)

Digitally captured and processed examinations that result in high quality images. The patient's exam is performed and processed within a relatively short time frame.

Digital Mammography (General Electric)

Digitally captured and processed mammograms that result in high quality images. The patient's exam is performed and processed within a relatively short time frame. Mammography imaging includes (CAD), a computer-aided detection software system that analyzes the image and highlights areas on the mammogram image that are suspicious for pathology. The technology works like a "second set of eyes" for the radiologist reading the mammogram.

Online scheduling for Mammograms is available. We know you are busy and finding time to call the doctor's office during normal business hours can be difficult. We offer online scheduling for mammograms so you can make your appointment any time that is convenient for you.

MRI - Magnetic Resonance (General Electric)

The 1.5 Tesla magnet was recently relocated adjacent to the CT suite. All imaging services are conveniently centralized within the imaging center for easy patient access and exiting.

Computerized Tomography (Toshiba)

The Imaging Center's 16 slice CT scanner is one of the most advanced units available in today's industry. The system acquires and processes high resolution images within seconds and can identify pathology as small as 1 mm. The system's sophisticated software allows the technologist to post process images in 3D or other similar enhancement features which will assist the radiologist in performing a complete and accurate interpretation.

Ultrasound (Siemens)

Ultrasound services are performed by caring and dedicated sonographers. Services include obstetrical, gyn, abdominal, small parts, breast, vascular and ultrasound guided invasive procedures.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in your care.


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