Central Valley

Greenfield Community Garden

Plots are available in the Greenfield Community Garden.
To apply, please complete an Application Form.

Like many innovative projects before it, the Greenfield Community Garden originated as a seed in the minds of Adventist Health leaders. This seed was then nurtured and developed and has blossomed in the form of an 80-by-200-foot stretch of land on Greenfield Avenue in Hanford.

The garden is a place where people can interact with other members of their community, learn gardening techniques and cultivate nutritious, locally grown produce.

The Greenfield Community Garden features:

  • A greenhouse.
  • 35 planting beds of various sizes.
  • A water spigot in every planting bed.
  • A toolshed (tools are not provided but can be stored on site).

Contact Us

For more information or inquiries, please contact Larry Jones at (559) 537-0101 or email us at AHCVNGreenfieldGarden@ah.org. Thank you!