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Congratulating Roots as a Blue Zones Approved Restaurant

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Congratulating Roots as a Blue Zones Approved Restaurant

Howard Memorial is very excited to announce that Roots Restaurant has been designated a Blue Zones Project Approved™ restaurant! The Roots team are passionate about providing high quality, farm to fork meals in each dish we serve with help from our Frank R. Howard Foundation’s Commonwealth Garden, with each day providing vegetarian and meat options as well as plant-based meals on a consistent basis.

Recently the team including Administrator Linda Givens stood alongside, Executive Director of the Blue Zones Project of Mendocino County, Tina Tyler O’Shea, President of the Frank R. Howard Foundation Margie Handley, Director of Nutritional Services, Mark Maples, and many others joined together at Roots as they cut the ribbon on the official opening of Roots as an established Blue Zones Approved™ restaurant. They enjoyed delicious blue zones inspired dishes from our Roots restaurant featuring pumpkin muffins, black bean brownies, stuffed mushrooms, macaroons and more.

Howard Memorial and the Roots team are happy to be there for their team, patients and community to provide a place everyone can stop in to eat that not only serves delicious food, but healthy, nutritious food too.