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New Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizes Robotic Surgery at Adventist Health Simi Valley


Adventist Health Simi Valley, a leading medical institution in Southern California, is proud to announce the groundbreaking integration of Intuitive Hub, an innovative video and virtual collaboration technology, to its robotic surgery program. This state-of-the-art technology enables an unprecedented level of collaboration and education among surgeons, positioning Adventist Health as a pioneer in advancing surgical care and medical training in the United States.

The new technology allows surgeons to seamlessly share high-definition surgical videos and collaborate in real- time, regardless of their physical location. This revolutionary approach not only enhances the surgical team's ability to make informed decisions during complex procedures but it also facilitates the education and training of surgeons across the nation.

At the forefront of this initiative is Andrea Pakula, MD, a renowned general surgeon at Adventist Health Simi Valley, who has been instrumental in adopting this cutting-edge technology to improve Adventist Health’s robotic surgery practice and educate fellow surgeons.

“Dr. Pakula’s dedication to advancing surgical care has led to Adventist Health Simi Valley becoming the first hospital in California to implement this innovative approach to robotic surgery,” said Jennifer Swenson, President, Adventist Health Simi Valley.

"By incorporating video and virtual collaboration technology into our robotic surgery program, we're elevating the standard of care for our patients while fostering a collaborative learning environment for surgeons," added Dr. Pakula, Master Surgeon in Hernia and Robotic Surgery accredited by Surgical Review Corporation, the leading nonprofit, patient-safety organization. "This new technology enables us to share our expertise, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of robotic surgery."

In addition to its educational benefits, the new technology has the potential to transform patient care by allowing remote consultations with experts who can provide real-time guidance during complex procedures. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive the highest quality care, even in the most challenging cases.

Proud to be a leader in the adoption of this technology, Adventist Health Simi Valley implemented Hub within seven business days, prioritizing patient safety and efficiency. By embracing advances in surgical data analysis and insights, Adventist Health continues to deliver on its promise of providing world-class surgical care to its patients while fostering the development of skilled surgeons.

Adventist Health Simi Valley is a premier healthcare institution in Southern California, specializing in advanced medical and surgical care. The hospital is dedicated to providing the highest-quality patient care, conducting innovative procedures and surgery, and training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

For more information about Adventist Health Simi Valley and its pioneering robotic surgery program or to plan an onsite media tour, please contact Meena Ahmadzai, Marketing and Communications Manager, at or (805) 955-7083.