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Calling all cauliflower connoisseurs

Adventist Health Recipes

Bid farewell to brussels sprouts. Cauliflower is 2017's "it" vegetable. That's according to a recent article published by The Oregonian that is calling cauliflower the "must-have" vegetable this year. Cauliflower is nutritional, low-cal, and surprisingly versatile in the kitchen.

Most menus at Portland's hip hangouts and upscale restaurants now feature fried or roasted cauliflower appetizers, with chefs tossing the florets in yellow curry, garlic ginger and smoked paprika sauces. And it's not just limited to appetizers. Restaurants, chefs and dieticians around the country are using cauliflower to prepare healthier alternatives to pizza crust, purees, rice and even cheesecake.

Cauliflower nutritional benefits

Cauliflower is packed with vitamins C and K, which keep our skin, teeth and bones healthy. They can also help improve heart health; heart disease is a leading cause of death in Oregon (PDF). Cauliflower is also a bountiful source for potassium, which helps maintain blood pressure and the body's chemical balance. The fiber in cauliflower also helps with digestive health.

This healthy and hip vegetable is available year-round, fairly inexpensive, and it's easy to prepare, whether you're a five-star chef or a college student on a budget. We can all be health conscious and creative cooks with this versatile vegetable.

When consumed regularly, cauliflower, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables can even help fight cancer.

Cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables

Cauliflower is proven to help fight cancerous cells in the body. That's because cruciferous vegetables are high in sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates. Though cauliflower's green cousin broccoli is better known and more likely to land on the dinner table, cauliflower is equally effective at helping inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung, stomach and prostate.

Don't get stuck in 2016. Give this quick and simple roasted cauliflower recipe from Adventist Health a try at home.

Roasted Cumin Cauliflower


1 tablespoons toasted cumin seed

¾ teaspoon coarse sea salt

¼ teaspoon black pepper

1 large head of cauliflower (around 2 lb.) cut into large florets

1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


  • Preheat oven to 375°F
  • Coat a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray
  • In a large bowl, stir together olive oil, cumin seeds, salt and pepper
  • Add the cauliflower, tossing to coat thoroughly with spice mixture
  • Arrange cauliflower in a single layer on prepared sheet
  • Roast until florets are browned on bottom and tender to touch (about 35 minutes)
  • Serve hot