bariatric surgery

Revisional Surgery

Revision of a primary bariatric surgery is needed when the patient has not experienced acceptable weight loss or has regained a significant amount of excess body weight after their weight loss surgery procedure.

Most major bariatric procedures including the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric band can be revised, however it is important to understand the causes of the weight gain regain (or lack of weight loss) before the revisional procedure is performed. Before we operate on any bariatric patient, they will be evaluated to determine the reasons behind their less than satisfactory results. Lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise will be evaluated first, to make sure that the patient’s regimens are conducive to weight loss and maintenance of a lower body weight. Only once we have determined that the procedure itself was the cause of the problem, will we perform the revisional procedure.

We take these precautions because revisional procedures tend to come with a higher risk of complications than the original bariatric procedure. And since the second procedure is being performed in the same part of the abdomen as before there is a greater chance of encountering scar tissue.

Our surgeons are expert at revisional bariatric surgeries. As such, we receive patients from all over California who are unhappy with their primary surgical procedure and wish for it to be revised. If you should have unexplained weight regain or poor weight loss results after your bariatric surgery, please contact our office to learn more about these revisional bariatric surgeries.