About a Patient's Stay

At admission, patients will be given a Patient Rights Handbook outlining their rights and responsibilities. These rights are also posted on the unit. If you wish to contact a Patient Rights Advocate, access to the phone will be provided (collect calls are permissible). Additionally, the Patient Rights Advocate is in the unit several times a week.

Involuntary Holds

You may have been admitted to the Center for Behavioral Health on an involuntary hold. This is a 5150 hold, which is a 72 hour hold. If your doctor determines that you are still at risk, an additional hold may be placed, which may extend your stay up to an additional 14 days. You will be provided with access to appropriate legal hearings. You may discuss your needs with your assigned staff member and/or the Patient Rights Advocate. Hearings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Restraint and Seclusion

Restraint and seclusion may be used is less restrictive interventions have not been effective in providing you, the staff and the community with a safe environment. If you would like to discuss the use of any restrain and seclusion, please contact any member of the treatment team. They will review the policy with you and note your preferences.

Spiritual Services

Our chaplain is available to you and your family upon request. If you should like to speak to the chaplain, notify your nursing staff. At your request, the chaplain or any staff member will be happy to contact your own clergy.

Our chaplain is an active member of your treatment planning, and will provide group meetings as scheduled.

Hygiene and Grooming

Individuals are responsible for maintaining daily hygiene and grooming. Dress is casual. You will need 3 changes of clothing. Grooming items, towels and bed linens are available from the nursing staff. Showers are available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Patients are expected to make their own beds and keep their room tidy. At discharge, please strip your bed and place bedding in the linen hamper. Again, if you need assistance, please contact the nursing staff.


Laundry facilities are provided. Use of the washer and dryer is free and detergent is provided. You are expected to do your own laundry, but if you need assistance, please contact the nursing staff.