Medical Records

Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley is happy to provide you with a copy of your health information. The first 20 pages we provide for your personal use or for transferring care are at no cost to you. Following are examples of documents, which may each consist of multiple pages:

  • History and Physical Report
  • Discharge Summary Report
  • Consultation Report
  • Hand-written or dictated progress notes
  • Lab report
  • Pathology report
  • X-ray report
  • Physical Therapy (Rehabilitation) notes
  • Other specialized tests, such as angiography, cardiac catheterization procedure, stress test (treadmill), electrocardiogram (EKG), Computed tomography (CT scans)
  • Medical records from other hospitals should be requested from those organizations.

How to Request a Copy of Your Records

To request a copy of your records, please fill out the form:

Return the completed form to the address or fax number provided below. (This contact information is also listed on the form). You will need to fill out the form completely, with your full name and contact information, birth date, and the specific treatment dates you are seeking. We provide the first 20 pages at no cost to you.

Our staff will contact you regarding receipt of your request, expected turnaround time and payment due. For security purposes, at the time records are delivered to you, you will need to provide proper identification.

If you are requesting more than 20 pages, the following fee schedule based on California state law, will be used to determine the charges:

  • 0.25 cents per page
  • The reasonable cost of duplication of other media
  • Radiology Film Duplication: $12 fee per film $15 processing fee

Contact Information

Health Information Management (Medical Records Department)
Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley
1100 Magellan Drive, Tehachapi, CA. 93561
Phone: (661) 771-8860
Fax: (661) 771-8392

Hours for medical records requests:
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., closed on holidays