April 1, 2010

St. Helena Hospital Opens Coon Joint Replacement Institute

St. Helena Hospital recently debuted a new joint replacement service bringing the latest in cutting-edge orthopedic procedures to the Napa Valley. The Coon Joint Replacement Institute is much more than an orthopedic surgery center. It’s the culmination of decades of pioneering work by world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Thomas Coon, M.D. Practicing orthopedic surgery since 1987, Dr. Coon invented, patented and performed the world’s first QuadSparing™ total knee replacement procedure in 2000. Since then, he has dedicated his efforts to perfecting the minimally invasive technique and training more than 4,000 surgeons around the world in its use. Hailed by his peers for quality and patient satisfaction, the technique has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and ABC TV’s Good Morning America.

The procedure allows the surgeons to resurface the damaged portion of the joint with little or no insult to the quadriceps muscle and tendon, thus minimizing postoperative pain and immobility.

The surgery takes less than an hour and is performed with a regional anesthetic and light sedation to minimize post anesthesia side effects. Most patients walk the same day, can return home within 24 hours, and are independent within a few days of the surgery. Driving, recreational sporting activities and work can be resumed in just four to six weeks. To learn more, visit St. Helena Coon Joint Replacement Institute.