White Memorial


God has richly blessed us as we extend the healing ministry of Christ to the people of our community. We have become the institution we are today through our people's conviction, hard work and dedication to a purpose greater than any person.

We see ourselves as God's ambassadors in providing care and comforting the sick. We are part of a strong family, sharing hope and the good news of his love in word and action. Our patients and visitors notice that when they first walk through our doors.

We're committed to caring for the whole person. This commitment can be seen in the pride we take in the hospital environment - from the way we dress and interact with each other, to the way our buildings are designed and maintained. We strive to provide the best medical service in a friendly Christian atmosphere. That is why our employees are expected to be courteous, friendly and helpful at all times.

We recognize that each human being comes from the Creator and is entitled to personal respect, basic rights and fair treatment. The Christian tenet that commands us to "Do unto others" inspires everything we do here. We hope to welcome you into our family as we continue our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

White Memorial affords equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment, regardless of race, creed, color, disability, sex, age, national origin or marital status.