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Lyman A. Brewer III MD Simulation Center

Our simulation facility is a realistic, safe learning environment for trainees to apply and test their cognition, skills, and attitudes. We were the first nonprofit teaching hospital in Southern California to integrate simulation technology to provide robust and realistic learning opportunities to prepare our healthcare associates for actual patient care situations. Simulation has now become a standard for clinical education, surgical training, and interdisciplinary team training. Our simulation training curriculum has grown steadily to meet a growing list of educational objectives within the medical, nursing, and all ancillary departments.

Adventist Health White Memorial's Lyman A. Brewer III MD Simulation Center, founded June 2014 and made possible by charitable gifts from our generous donors, is a virtual patient environment located on campus in the North Building.

The Simulation Center enables our clinical staff to:

  • Learn, practice, and repeat procedures as often as necessary — fine-tune skills and improve clinical outcomes
  • Develop and refine skills in an authentic clinical environment designed to reflect actual health care settings without compromising the safety of real patients
  • Work with high fidelity mannequin-based simulation training in real-time situations

Our simulation center includes:

  • SimMan3G – advanced adult wireless patient simulator
  • SimMom – full-body interactive birthing patient simulator
  • SimJr – state-of-the art pediatric simulator
  • SimNewB – neonatal simulator with realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback
  • Interactive audiovisual learning support with increasingly complex clinical scenarios
  • Video conferencing equipped conference rooms
  • Replica of hospital patient room

We offer simulation experiences to our healthcare professionals, community agencies, and community partners. The center is also available as a filming location. For more information on availability and use of the Simulation Center, please contact Marco Garcia (garciam08@ah.org).