The faculty members in our program have created such a strong, positive culture that they never want to leave. The fact that all our core faculty are residents of our training program speaks to the tight-knit, collaborative culture. Our faculty also have undergraduate and fellowship training from some of the top academic institutions in the country.

General Internal Medicine

  • Juan Barrio, MD - Program Director
  • Robert Arieli, MD, MPH - Associate Program Director; Director, Resident Continuity Clinic
  • Maximiliano Hyon, DO, MPH - Associate Program Director; Director, Curriculum; Endocrinologist
  • Shaw Chen, MD – President, White Memorial Medical Group
  • Zahid Abdou, MD
  • David Lam, DO
  • Alan Lau, MD
  • Julie Lee, MD
  • Arvind Ravinutala, MD
  • Vasthi Silva, MD


  • Taell Kim, MD – Chair
  • Samuel Loh, MD


  • Rainier Manzanilla, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Eric Bansal, MD
  • Prash Jayaraj, MD
  • Sarkis Kiramijyan, MD
  • George Lin, MD
  • John McKenzie, MD
  • Schubert Palmer, MD – Chair
  • Martha Preciado, MD
  • Suresh Rao, MD
  • Armand Rostamian, MD
  • Miguel Salazar, MD
  • Nicky Wadiwala, DO


  • Maximiliano Hyon, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Nilem Patel, MD


  • Ethelred Carter, MD – Chair of Internal Medicine
  • Ariel Malamud, MD
  • Alireza Tabesh, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator


  • Andrew Chan, MD


  • Arati Chand, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Raymond Romero, MD
  • Hao-wei Zhang, MD

Infectious Disease

  • Jamie Lin, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Byron Williams, MD


  • Antonio Liu, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Jessica Meir, MD


  • Eric Lu, MD
  • Mina Ragheb, MD


  • Michael Hernandez, MD – Section Chief


  • Lawrence Brooks, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator, Medical Director of ICU
  • Neema Oroomchi, MD
  • Arturo Vega, MD
  • Mark Talavera, MD


  • Luon Peng, DO – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Ramesh Manchanda, MD


  • Thomas Romano, MD – Subspecialty Coordinator
  • Sheila Lezcano, MD