Children Services

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Children with complex mental health issues may need to stay in the hospital at times. When this happens, we have a behavioral health hospital with 61 beds where we treat children ages 3–18. We also see people age 19–21 who are developmentally delayed and in crisis.

Services we offer

Our focus is to give your child short-term care during a mental health crisis. From the time your child comes into the hospital, we follow a set of steps (called a clinical pathway) based on your child’s diagnosis.

These steps are designed to stabilize your child’s behavior and to teach your child and family skills that can help after your child leaves the hospital. These skills can help you and your child cope and help you prevent crises in the future.

During your child’s stay with us, your child will meet regularly with a variety of providers (such as doctors, therapists and childhood mental health specialists) and participate in groups with other children throughout the day. Our program provides a unique psychiatric setting focused on providing safe, structured and evidence-informed care.

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A multidisciplinary treatment team

Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes psychiatrists, registered nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, expressive art therapists and more. Additionally, pediatric specialists from a full range of medical subspecialties, including neurology, are available for any needed consultations.

Family support

You and your family play an important role in helping your child succeed back at home, in school and in your community. So we want you to take part in all aspects of your child’s care, like education sessions and family evaluations. Your child’s care team will talk with you about any services that may be helpful. We invite you to tell us things that will help us know and care for your child.

Preparing to go home

When your child is ready to go home, our team provides support for your child to make the return as easy as possible. We make plans with you to get any ongoing care for your child for when they leave. We also follow up later to ensure the plans made in the hospital are being carried out.