Ukiah Valley

Going Home

It is important to continue to rest and recover after you are discharged from the medical center. When you are discharged you may be able to go to:

  • Home with no needed help or services
  • Home with help from a family caregiver
  • Home with help from the homecare service
  • A rehabilitation setting, like a short-term care unit in a nursing or rehab facility

At Adventist Health Ukiah Valley we want you to feel empowered with information and resources as you leave the medical center. Your healthcare team will work closely with you to make this possible. There can be many things to remember, doctors instructions, medications and supplies to name a few. Please make sure that you and any person supporting you as you make this transition away from the hospital understands the instructions. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or ask for more clarification.

When you leave the medical center, you will receive paperwork that summarizes your condition, what happened at the medical center, medications you need to be on, your next follow-up appointment with your doctor, and any other information your healthcare team wants you to have for your transition out of the medical center.

If, for any reason, you are concerned about leaving the hospital and your transition home, please let your healthcare team know. We will work with you so you can feel confident in your next steps to getting healthy.