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Adventist Health Tulare is currently offering imaging services in every department. These services, combined with licensed and experienced technologists and sonographers, ensure that patients receive excellent care and accurate diagnostic images.

We have invested in state-of-the art imaging equipment that provides sharp, digital images for MRI and CT. We have already added two top-of-the-line DR ultrasound units and two new DR x-ray portable units. These units increase the comfort of the patient by bringing the equipment to the patient at bedside.

Computed tomography (CT)

We can complete your entire CT exam during one breath hold. Less time means fewer errors for your images and greater comfort for you while producing your scan.


Ultrasound uses high-frequency sounds waves and a computer to view internal organs as they function. Ultrasound can also be used to assess blood flow.

Our brand new, digital ultrasound systems bring extraordinary performance and color imaging to generate the highest quality studies. These images are used for many clinical needs, from checking on fetal growth to looking for organ abnormalities like gallstones.

Ultrasounds are used to view internal organs as they function and to assess blood flow through various vessels by using high-frequency sounds waves and a computer.


Our advanced MRI scanning system makes the medical imaging experience much more comfortable for you while delivering highly enhanced images to your healthcare provider faster. Its advanced technology reduces scan time while its design provides more room and headphones to improve your experience.

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create an image of your body, and the new Tulare MRI leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your comfort and image quality.

Healthcare providers order MRI scans to help diagnose cancer, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders or to examine soft tissues of the brain or spine. The Tulare MRI also offers advanced breast scans for patients who are at higher risk of cancer.


Our two x-ray suites produce images that show internal tissues bones and organs for diagnostic purposes.

In addition, our new portable x-ray systems produce digital images on the screen for immediate diagnosis in the patient’s room or in the Emergency Department.

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