Rehabilitation Services

Helping you regain your strength and independence

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With Adventist Health Tillamook's focus on whole-person care, we care about more than your urgent, short-term health. We also want to help make your health and lifestyle better in the long run.

This is where rehabilitation services come in. Rehab is specially focused on making your physical and mental strength better or getting you back to where you used to be.

Our rehab specialists can also help you improve how well you communicate and go through your normal daily activities. This can help you enjoy more of your life on your own if you’re struggling after an illness, injury or surgery.

Recovery plan

Adventist Health Tillamook's rehabilitation services is here to create a customized plan to get you back to enjoying the life you love. Our therapists and other staff members listen closely to what you want to accomplish, and we work with you to reach your rehabilitation goals.

Throughout your time with us, we focus on how we can support and supplement your body's natural healing process.

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